Home Defense Dog Training

Dog training as a whole is an art, to capture the mind and will of a dog and put yourself in a position to direct 
your dogs will and ABILITIES is something special.
Personal and family protection dogs, from Home Defense Dogs 
training are safe and friendly dogs that have been trained to be or act aggressive on command.

training done at any level properly will not change the 
personality and temperament of a dog, AND 

Lee Hamilton - Master Trainer Home Defense Dogs


   Personal protection training, when done properly will 
not change the personality or temperament of a safe 
and friendly dog!! Even though not all dogs are sutiable for protection
 training ,overly aggressive and mean dogs can be 
brought under control through proper training.

We at
 Home Defense Dogs training can take control of these types of
 dogs, making them much safer and easier to control,
but they will still be overly aggressive because this is 
the type of dog we started with.
 Obedience training does not make a crazy hyper dog 
calm, it gives us control of a crazy hyper dog!! Dog 
training will for sure help the shy nervous dog but all
though much more controllable this dog will always be
 shy and nervous it is in its DNA. 
I have been training dogs for personal protection and
 police service for well over 23 years, nothing is better than 
a well breed well trained dog.

The peace of mind that 
comes from knowing my dog  is at home with my family 
while I am gone is PRICELESS!!

I have been training dogs and educating their owners 
for 25 yrs. We have trained and certified dozens of
police dogs,search dogs,wheelchair and hearing
assistance, we know what it takes to get dogs to
perform consistently and dependably in everyday real
life situations.
Please watch the trained dog in action video notice me age 
through the years, see the love and  dedication to my 
art, and please enjoy the dogs, just a few of our many